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Last night

Last night I got a booty call from my favorite FWB. The thing about his booty calls is that I know he just wants his dick sucked — and it makes me so hot. No one makes me wetter or more aroused, and I love sucking him dry. It usually takes about three orgasms satisfy him.

I got to his house and we started kissing — that’s the other thing, he is honestly the best kisser ever in my life, and I’ve kissed a lot of people. He peeled my tight sweater off, then my bra. Between deep, probing kisses, he started sucking my nipples. They were hard, and I begged him to bite them. As soon as his teeth clamped around one, I felt the shock waves on the tip of my clit. He went back and forth, burying is face in my breasts, biting and sucking. My hand worked his cock, massaging him and getting him ready for my mouth.

Finally, he puts his hand on the top of my head and guides me down to his cock. Usually I don’t like this, but when he does it, it’s the hottest, sexiest thing in the world. I dive down onto his cock, immediately taking it all the way to the back of my throat, gagging as he fills me but desperate to have all of him inside my mouth.¬†

The first time he comes, it’s straight down my throat. I gulp it down but keep my mouth on him. Sucking hungrily until the last of it comes out, I then slow down and soften my mouth around him. He deflates a little, but is still thick in my mouth. He pets my hair and talks to me while I bring his cock back to life. He hold my head tight against his body while he starts to grow again, and I feel his cock pushing against the back of my mouth. This time, his hands guide my pace and he tells me what to do with my tongue and my mouth. He pulls me up to him again and we kiss some more. His fingers twist and pinch my nipples and I feel my pussy gushing into my tights, even starting to soak my thighs. I squirm while he plays with my mouth and my breasts, and I go back down to his cock, sucking harder and bobbing my head. He loves when I deep throat him and then drag my tongue across the top of his balls — so I do it over and over again until he’s shaking. I pull back and he shoots across my breasts and asks me to lick it off.

I bend my ¬†neck and start to lap his cum from my tits, making sure that he watches as I suck my own hard nipples. He’s already playing with himself again. I lick off as much as I can, then put my mouth back on his perfectly shaped cock for the last round.

He’s a lot slower this time, with more breaks for kissing and playing with my breasts, which are now sticky with his cum. We talk quietly to each other and he tells me how beautiful I am when I’m covered in his cum, and how much he likes to watch my mouth slide over his shaft. I tell him that I love to suck his cock, and that I think about it all day long on the days when we decide to meet. We kiss some more, he starts talking dirty and guides my mouth back down. I suck for a long time, hard then soft, deep then just the head. I know what he likes, and his body is so responsive.

He’s hard as a rock, and I’m having little waves of orgasmy feelings while he caresses me and thrusts into my mouth. Finally he gently pushes me back, stands up over me and jerks his final load all over my face. I keep my eyes open to watch him shoot, and he puts his cock back in my mouth so I can clean him off. My mouth is gentle around him, and my tongue caresses him until he falls back onto his couch.

We kiss a while more. Then I put my bra into my purse and slip my sweater back on. I’m out the door and on my way home, soaking wet but so fulfilled.

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