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I've spent a lot of my life on my back...here's what I've been doing with the time.

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Ft. Lauderdale

A few weeks ago, I was at a work event in Fort Lauderdale. I was tired of hanging around the people I was at the conference with, so I went into town and found a place to have dinner by myself. I sat down at the bar for a glass of wine to relax and a couple sat down next to me. I was kind of surprised because it was fairly early in the evening. We were chatting, and they invited me to have dinner with them. I agreed. 

We sat down at our table and ordered another bottle of wine. Conversation was normal. Until the next bottle of wine. The woman of the couple and I went to the ladies room, and the minute the door closed, she was all over me. I responded enthusiastically, kissing her back and running my hands under the hem of her short skirt. The door swung open and we jumped apart, blushing. My panties were soaked. 

Back at the table, we all three got drunk as she filled her husband in on how my body felt and how I kissed. He put my hand on his cock, and it was clear he was ready for anything. We finished dinner with a bottle of champagne and hopped in a taxi to the Four Seasons, where they were staying. We waited for room service to bring up another bottle and changed into bathrobes. By the time the knock came at the door, she and I were deep into each other’s bodies and scrambled to cover ourselves. The waiter only smiled discretely and left quickly.

She went down on my first — her tongue went everywhere inside of me while I turned my head to suck her husband’s cock. He slid in and out of my mouth, almost gagging me when she made me cum on her face. He pushed her out of the way and got on top of me, fucking me hard. I came again, and he stayed inside of me, asking if I would let his wife sit on my face. She straddled me and I licked her clit as her pussy dripped into my mouth. She came hard and asked if I’d watch the two of them fuck. 

I sat across the room on one of the club chairs as she mounted him, her firm, silicone breasts sitting high and bouncing as she rode him.  He kept slapping her ass and calling her a slut. I couldn’t get enough fingers inside my pussy to satisfy myself as they fucked. She told him how my pussy tasted and how much she liked eating me. He talked about sticking his cock inside me. She was riding in a frenzy, he was pinching and biting her nipples and slapping her ass. I could hardly breathe.

Suddenly he groaned — so loudly I was worried he might be hurt. She rolled off his body and lay on her back. He went down on her, licking the cum from between her legs. He got up to go into the shower, and she called me back to the bed. We kissed and touched, she went down on me again and ate me through wave after wave of orgasm. Then I asked to go down on her.

She laid back on the pillow and I opened her legs, tasting the bitterness of his cum on her lips, mixing with her juices. I closed my eyes and kept licking — and I felt his hard cock slide into me from behind. I just rode the rhythm between the two of them until I couldn’t take it anymore.

We fell asleep — and I woke up as they were still entangled. Slipped my clothing on and cabbed back to my hotel, exhausted and relaxed. 

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