Ava Uncensored

I've spent a lot of my life on my back...here's what I've been doing with the time.

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Birthday Present

On my birthday last year, I was in one of my favorite cities — Paris — spending the day at the Louvre. Usually when I’m at the Louvre, I head for the wing with all the big, famous paintings. The Louvre goes on forever, so you always discover new things.

On this day, I decided, instead, to spend the day in the French wing. Am I ever happy I did!

Armed with an overly complicated audioguide, I went into the lobby of the wing to figure out how to work the audio tour. While I was fiddling with it, a very handsome man, about my age, came over and introduced himself in heavily accented, but very good English. We talked for a few minutes, and he asked me to walk the galleries with him.

We started off in the enormous atrium filled with white marble statues. Within about 10 minutes, he was holding my hand — little did he know, my pussy was getting obscenely wet. We paused by another sculpture and he leaned in and kissed me. He pushed me up against the wall and I felt the heat rising through my entire body.

The French wing is ignored by most visitors, so many of the galleries were virtually empty. This came in handy.

We wandered through gallery after gallery, kissing in corners and any empty room e could find. His hands were sliding up under my sweater, my fingers were teasing his cock. In a small side gallery, it finally got to be too much. There ere no people around, we couldn’t hear anyone nearby. He pulled his cock out of his pants, pushed me against the gallery wall, yanked my panties to the side, and shoved into my pussy.

I gasped as he started thrusting in and out. It took only a few strokes until I felt his cum inside me. He pulled out, and I smoothed my skirt just as a family walked in. He whispered in my ear that he wanted to make love.

Thank god my hotel was only a few blocks away. We nearly ran the entire way there. I ducked into the bathroom to clean my creaming pussy in the bidet. Fresh and ready for more, I went into the room to find him naked and hard in the middle of my bed, stroking his thick cock. I crawled in next to him and started sucking and licking with all my might. He was loud, moaning and pulling my hair while I sucked. He had one of those cocks that is almost perfect for sucking — thick, the right length for deep throating, smooth. But, like most Frenchmen, he was uncut. Rest assured, we worked around it!

Finally, he asked me to get on top of him. I guided his cock back inside me and I rode him slowly as he kissed and nibbled on my breasts. I found just the right angle so that his cock was massaging my g-spot with every grind…I came hard on him, shaking and moaning. His hands soothed me, and he pushed me on my back. He threw my legs over his shoulders and pushed back in. Thrusting hard, he made me cum again, my pussy gushing with juice. He kept going, his finger massaging my swollen, sensitive clit and my breasts bouncing with each thrust.

For four hours we fucked in any position we could think of. We ordered bottles of wine and kept going. We finally passed out, exhausted and spent. When we woke up, we tried fucking one last time, but I was so swollen and sore, he could barely push a finger in.

So instead, I sucked the hell out of his gorgeous cock while he played with my hardened nipples. He pulled out at the last minute and shot all over my face. I couldn’t believe the size of his load after fucking all day, but I licked it off my lips, we kissed one last time, and he disappeared into the night.